Advice: Normal to never fight in a relationship?

Dear Beerhaze,

Is it normal to never fight in a relationship? I have been dating my boyfriend for almost a year and we haven’t had one fight. Not one!

It seems as I’m always doing the right thing, as is he.

What’s going on?

Dear Creaking Harp,

Eh? Nothing is going on… Absolutely nothing.

You have only been seeing each other for a year and you probably haven’t put yourself in a situation where your respective opinions really matter – where you feel truly strongly about something. In other words, you haven’t dealt with anything important or difficult:

  1. You want a new living room set – He wants a new paintjob for his Harley.
  2. You want to go shopping for towels and bed linens – He wants to watch skip roping on ESPN.
  3. You want marriage and a baby – He wants an open relationship involving transsexual strippers.
  4. You want to visit your mother’s for the weekend – He wants to place you in the dungeon for the weekend.
  5. You want a pair of shoes – He wants a 30-year-old single malt whisky.

Give it time! You will fight…

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