Advice: Safely compliment a woman?

Dear Beerhaze,

How do I safely compliment a woman? At work, there is this woman I’m crushing on. I would like to compliment her, but don’t wish to come on to hard on her, just in case she’s not interested.

Could you please recommend a few neutral compliments I could use, to see if she is at all interested in talking to me?

Dear Stained Anvil,

Well, trying to work in the word ‘love’ in passing is something for which you should strive. Complimenting something she’s currently doing is more neutral than your perception of her.

As I have no idea what kind of person she is, or what she does, I have to keep it very basic for my examples…

  • I love the way your arms are always of the same length.
  • I love the way you are able to walk with a minimal wobble.
  • I love the way you sit without standing up too much.
  • I love the way your hair doesn’t cover your whole head.
  • I love the way you don’t block the sun too much.

Seriously though… Just keep looking for reasons to talk to her. You can always compliment her later on.

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