Advice: Screwing around when you are high a valid reason?

Dear Beerhaze,

My boyfriend admitted to me that he had sex with his ex-girlfriend, but he says that he only did it because he was high.

Is screwing around when you are high a valid reason?

Dear Imaginary Possum,

Any reason to have sex is a valid reason. However, being high is not an excuse to cheat on someone. Nobody gets naked and puts their penis inside another person by accident… Sorry, it just doesn’t happen.

I assume you are trying to ask if he knew what he was doing? Then, yes, he knew exactly what he was doing… He just didn’t care at the time!

If a guy is so out of his mind that he has no idea what he is doing, his penis will not comply, nor will his bowels. In other words: had your boyfriend been as out of his mind as he claims, he would not have had sex – he would have shit himself.

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