Advice: Something I should bring up in the confessional?

Dear Beerhaze,

If God sees everything and is all-knowing, does he also see and know what I do in the shower? Is this something I should bring up in the confessional?

I mean, if nobody knows, why should I need to bring it up?

Dear Horse Finger,

You tell me… If you really believe in a magical being that sees everything and is all-knowing, well, then this being also sees and knows what you do in the shower (whatever that may be).

Don’t you think your God have more important things to do? He seriously needs a hobby if he has the time to concern himself with your private moments, tending to your personal hygiene. Really, any religion that expects you to report in on “private time”, needs to have a serious look at their priorities.

Unless you have hole in your bathroom ceiling to your neighbor upstairs – nobody is watching, and nobody cares! Why not just forget about “magical beings” and enjoy your shower?

There is enough stress in life¬†- you shouldn’t need to construct imaginary ones.

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