Advice: Stiff neck mean that she has meningitis?

Dear Beerhaze,

This morning my 3-year-old woke up screaming that her neck hurts. Her pain is so bad that she cannot turn her head without crying.

There is no fever so I don’t want to give here anything to relieve the pain in case she starts a fever. Could it be that she is hurting because she slept on it wrong?

Could a stiff neck mean that she has meningitis?

Dear Astro Gas,

  1. Yes, a stiff neck is a symptom of meningitis and many other horrible things.
  2. Neck pain might also happen if you sleep on it wrong.

(1) Causes death.
(2) Will go away by itself in time.

(1) Nobody can do anything if she dies.
(2) Why wait and see if you screwed up your mommy-Googled diagnosis?

(1) You could email people¬†you don’t know for advice.
(2) You could take her to a pediatrician.

(1) Is stupid.
(2) You are stupid if you are still here to read this.

Doctors in general figure out pains and aches for a living. Pediatricians have the experience to deal with kids that can’t quite verbalize how and what they are feeling. Some random dude on the Internet can do absolutely nothing.

Take your daughter to see a physician now, you dumb cow!

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