Advice: Techniques I can use to improve my confidence?

Dear Beerhaze,

Guys often ask me out or come and chat with, but I always get nervous and mess things up.

Are there any techniques I can use to improve my confidence?

You don’t need any techniques once you understand the basic process of asking someone out.

Dear Stone Meal,

Here’s the deal… If guys weren’t interested in you, they would not ask you out or come and chat with you. The guys have already made up their minds about you – they are interested in a relationship. If it’s a long-term relationship, or long enough one for the guy to get his nuts off, can be difficult to tell. This is why we invented dating, so we can figure things out!

You have nothing to be nervous about. The guys throw themselves at your feet, and you do with them as you wish… Why be nervous about that?

The only time a woman needs to be nervous, is when she goes out for a few drinks and wakes up chained and gagged in a dungeon. Other than that, you as a woman is always in control.

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