Advice: Train a slave?

Dear Beerhaze,

How do I train a slave? It’s something my girlfriend and I have been thinking about for a few months now.

Any tips?

Dear Spinal Butt Fest,

Slavery has been abolished for a long time… In fact, it’s illegal pretty much all over the globe. Can’t you simply take turns doing the laundry and the dishes?

I’m sure there were very few instructional slave-training booklets available way back when. However, common sense dictates:

  • Acquire an individual against their will.
  • Make sure they can’t escape.
  • Present them with a chore.
  • Punish said individual if the chore isn’t performed.
  • Profit!

If you are referring to some kinky bedroom games… Why not just have fun with? I’m sure you can figure out something you both enjoy. It’s not a science.

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