Advice: Understand that I need my freedom?

Dear Beerhaze,

I’m 15 and I’m fed up living at home. I’m fed up being told what to do.

The basement is supposed to be mine but they tell me what to do there too! How can I get my parents to understand that I need my freedom?

Dear Flesh Cork,

You don’t have any rights and you don’t need any freedom. You are a child who lives at home and you have the same obligations as any given 7-year-old: go to school and get good grades - get a job - get the hell out of there! In a few years you will have to learn not to mess up on your own. As for now, your parents are your guides as you are completely helpless and clueless.

Trust me, they will be fed up with you leaching off of them eventually and will kick you out. You are only 15 so you have yet to realize that we all answer to someone. As you get older you will realize that someone will always be telling you what to do. The quicker you resign to this fact, the quicker you will grow up.

Please quit your pathetic whining and be grateful for what you have!

See? I just told you what to do… If you are smart, you listened and learned from somone who knows better.

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