Advice: What can I do to about kids and their laziness?

Dear Beerhaze,

Both my son and my daughter are currently unemployed. Yes, they are students but that is getting pretty old… My son is barely literate to tell the truth. They have no job skills and no work experience… My wife still babies them no end. She even cleans their rooms and does their laundry!

I don’t know what to do. They don’t seem to have any ambition to get a job and their mother enables that.

Dog, my daughter is eight and my son is almost five…

What can I do to about kids and their laziness?

Dear Night Spore,

As a father myself, and being in a similar situation… I can relate!

The trick is to put them to work when you wife isn’t around… Really, what could be more important than enforcing a proper work ethic? When you are alone with them – teach them that hard manual labour can be both rewarding and educational!

Here are a couple of ideas for you to consider:

  1. Children are physically smaller than grown-ups and can easily fit in to crawl spaces… Having them re-arrange the isolation in the attic of your house is both a useful and exciting endeavour. There are children’s full-body suits available for this very purpose in well-equipped home renovation stores. The suits will keep them safe from pollutants, and at the same time it will make them feel like it’s a “dress-up game”. This is an especially good job as it will also help kids get over issues such as: fear of the dark, fear of fluff that looks like insects and fear of noises that sound like man-eating bears.
  2. Do you have an extremely messy garage? Kids have excellent eyesight and they can easily spot even the smallest piece of glass, and the smallest rusty nail. Children are also exceptionally agile so they can easily squeeze in pretty much anywhere, and behind anything. Their smaller arms and hands also make it easy for them to reach behind, and under tables and desks etc. To add some spice to the job – give them a bucket each and make it a competition. Whoever fills their bucket first doesn’t have to wax the car! You can make it even more challenging for them by making them compete in complete darkness…
  3. Sooner or later children will have to learn how to use power tools, no matter what our wives think… Why not have them build their own tree, or playhouse? Face it! The odds are minimal of losing a finger when using a circular saw. Also, the odds of going all the way through a hand with a power drill are almost astronomical! If they are afraid of heights when building a tree house, you can always challenge them to design their own safety harnesses!

There are all kinds of wonderfully educational and useful things that can be done around the house. I’m sure your kids will cry and whine like they always do when asked to carry out a chore, but I’m pretty sure they will thank you later on in life!

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