Advice: What is it about my prostitutes?

Dear Beerhaze,

I only have sex with prostitutes. I don’t remember ever being with a normal woman!

The problem is that only prostitutes turn me on. I have tried a few times and women in general don’t do it for me.

Am I destined to have sex with prostitutes for the rest of my life? I have never had boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

What is it about my prostitutes?

Dear Blinking Twelve,

I don’t think you should waste your time trying to figure out what a “normal” woman is…

Why are you only interest in prostitutes? I could’t tell you… I have no idea… You tell me! What is about paying for sex that turns you on? Hmm…

  1. You enjoy being in control? (Prostitutes do what you pay them to do).
  2. You are afraid you can’t please a woman? (Prostitutes don’t care).
  3. You are confused and hate women (Prostitutes are an easy target).
  4. You are utterly uninteresting (Prostitutes at least care about your wallet).
  5. You have a small penis (Prostitutes are always happy to see you).

I suggest you make an appointment with a shrink. He or she will be able to help you sort out your crossed wires. Going through life that will rot your soul. Get help.

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