Advice: What other hockey moves have Sidney Crosby invented?

Dear Beerhaze,

My favourite NHL hockey player is Sidney Crosby. I’m making a project on his career so far. Do you know the name of the scoring move he does from behind the net?

What other hockey moves have Sidney Crosby invented?

Dear Bat Nugget,

I don’t know of any scoring (or Hockey) moves “invented” by Sidney Crosby. However, hockey fans have different names for his diving moves:

  1. The Moose - Drops like a moose shot with a .50 calibre slug through both lunges from a mere 30 feet away.
  2. The Squirrel - Flips through the air like a squirrel, which have hit the windshield of a speeding Ferrari.
  3. The Rib - Slowly slides down the boards like a 24-ounce slab of Prime Rib would slide off a greasy plate.
  4. The Swan - Tumbles and circles to the ground like a swan dying from old age while making heart-wrenching “kraah-gnaah” screeching sounds.
  5. The Snowman - Head slumps to the side, then collapses under his own weight like a mid-March snowman.
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