Advice: Who should get the money for the puppies?

Dear Beerhaze,

Our family Chihuahua Elzie had puppies a week ago and they are adorable! Unfortunately we can’t keep any of them as we have our hands full with Elzie.

At a family meeting we decided to sell them, or if worse come to worse, give them away. The kids are not happy about us getting rid of the puppies, but they realize it would be too much work to keep them.

What we can’t agree on how much we should charge for the puppies and who should get the money. My husband claims that he should have all of it as he was the one that turned his back on our neighbour’s Rottweiler. I hardly think that’s fair as he didn’t have any part in the actual mating. He was merely getting himself a beer!

I’m the one doing all the work taking care of the puppies, and tending to our shell-shocked Elzie. The kids think we should all share in the profits because it’s “family money” generated by a family resource.

Who should get the money for the puppies?

Dear Choking On Broccoli,

Why not spend whatever you get for the puppies on Elzie? The dog is the one that has done all the work… and she will probably end up needing some doggy counselling for the trauma she has gone through. Your Elzie could have easily ended up being an afternoon Rottweiler snack instead of having his puppies.

In general I don’t think there are any large sums of money involved here. I would think the market for a Chihuahua-Rottweiler mix is quite limited, unless the puppies grow to the size of Chihuahuas but retains the maiming power of Rottweilers.

You would probably be looking at more money had the actual mating been caught on tape… Perhaps not for one of those Funniest Home Videos shows, but I’m sure the FOX Network would have found a use for it.

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