Advice: Why do guys have nipples?

Dear Beerhaze,

Why do guys have nipples? I mean, what’s the point? Guys don’t give birth to babies, so why would they need nipples when there’s no milk to produce? It doesn’t make any sense…

Dear Puff Berry,

I’m not sure if anyone really knows? But as nipples develop way before any sexual organs on an embryo, I guess they are simply like any other giblets that develop in to basic bits that we all have, such as arms, legs, brains etc. Perhaps nipples really aren’t sex-specific organs, but develop and adapt as needed?

  • The male Y chromosome and Testosterone triggers the development of the penis and testicles, and suppresses the development of breasts in males…
  • The female X chromosome and Estrogen triggers the development of the vaginal and uterus bits, and stimulate the growth of breasts in females…

Hey, guys can also produce breast milk if there’s a severe hormonal imbalance due to disease (or SM = Self Medication by e.g. a bodybuilder) that stimulates the growth of breast tissue. The milk is not produced in the nipples, but in clusters of cells called alveoli. The nipples are merely delivery mechanisms… Everything else there just needs the right (or wrong…) hormones to develop.

Also, guys get breast cancer too. So do your bit – help a good cause – donate to cancer research because breasts are neat!

If you are asking the questions for a Ph.D. you are working one – check with a Nobel prize winner… I’m just speculating here based on what I think I know, and what makes sense to me.

Ok, there might be another reason why guys have nipples: it’s a cool and rewarding place to pierce! They are also great to twist for pissed-off girlfriends.

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