Advice: Why do Swedes wear helmets with horns?

Dear Beerhaze,

Why do Swedes wear helmets with horns? I know that they are pretending to be Vikings, but why?

What do fairytale creatures have to do with sporting events?

Dear Unsalted Wedgie,

They are Viking helmets or rather, a stereotypical depiction of what helmets of the Viking era looked like. Swedes wear them because it’s a fun thing to do. It’s the same thing as when Afghani sports fans wear freshly skinned dog carcasses on their heads – the headwear is worn in good fun!

You are not the saltiest nut in the bag, are you? Vikings were not fairytale creatures… The term Vikings is normally used to identify people who lived in Scandinavia in medieval times. They were most famous for raiding, pillaging and raping their way through the world.

The Vikings were also great traders (I assume carrying a big axe or a broad sword helped when bargaining).

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