Advice: Woman says that she would like to chew on your foreskin?

Dear Beerhaze,

What does it mean when a woman says that she would like to chew on your foreskin? It makes me nervous because I’m¬†circumcised.

I would like to have sex with my co-worker very much but she is quite aggressive. I have not had a woman for a long time and I like her even though she is a bit crazy. She also bakes nice cranberry muffins!

Dear Goat Tugger,

Circumcised or not… Her comment would make any man nervous… Is she a hefty woman? Does she like to eat? Why not fill her up on beef jerky before you guys hit the sack?

Whatever you do… for God’s sake… don’t disappoint her!

In general, you can’t go wrong with a woman who bakes or can do the splits.

I’m sure it will all work out nicely.

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