Advice: You aren’t sensitive enough for hauntings?

Dear Beerhaze,

I found this website looking for advice on hauntings and I have to say that you are wrong… Very wrong!

An old woman haunts our house. Many people have sensed her presence and it isn’t a pleasant one! She moves things around the house, e.g. a book in the basement ends up in the upstairs bathroom and so on.

Just because you can’t sense the spiritual world, it doesn’t mean that hauntings aren’t real. Maybe you aren’t sensitive enough for hauntings?

Dear Cluster Fart,

I assume you are referring to this:

Your senile grandmother not remembering where she places stuff are not hauntings; she is merely having senior’s moments. She not remembering to turn off the stove, to wipe or where she placed her dentures are not hauntings either…

Ghosts moving crap around the house is a Hollywood cliche. Surely, spirits would have better things to do than to float your books upstairs and to hide grandma’s dentures?

Where logic ends – medication should start!

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