Authentic 19-th century home remedies

Sometimes the real deal is funnier than the craziest George Carlin routine…

  1. Curing toothaches: “Dissolve a piece of opium, the size of a pea, in spirits or turpentine. Put in the hollow of the tooth upon cotton. It does not stop the pain at once, but if well applied, and frequently changed, will soon cause it to never trouble again.” (Dr. Chase’s Recipes – 1884)
  2. Avoiding eye problems: “Do not make children cross-eyed by having hair hang about their foreheads where they see it continually.” (The American Frugal Housewife – 1832)
  3. To recover from being struck by lightning: “Shower with cold water for two hours; if the patient does not show signs of life, put salt in the water and continue to shower an hour longer.” (The Canadian Home Cookbook -1877)
  4. During pregnancy: “Those who have not been accustomed to bathing should not begin the practice during pregnancy. The mother should avoid looking at or thinking of ugly people or those marked with disfigured diseases.” (The Physical Life of Women – 1872)
  5. Treatment blemishes: “Nothing is better than ear-wax to prevent the painful effects resulting from a wound by a nail, skewer, etc. It should be put on as soon as possible. Those who are troubled with cracked lips have found this remedy successful when others have failed.” (The American Frugal Housewife – 1832)
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