Awkward moments in high school

  1. Getting a “woody” just before being asked to go up the blackboard to solve a math problem for a 64-year-old math teacher named Helmut.
  2. Being called on the fact that you are only missing the checks on that cute, big-bosomed girl with the pigtails, while playing basketball in gym class.
  3. Slapping the ass of the girl with the “I’m a whore” tank top, only to realize that the writing was just some sort of weird “fashion statement”.
  4. Having that really hot, nice smelling and curved English substitute teacher bend all over you to help you with your spelling, and then you find yourself accidentally moaning very audible, “Ahhh’s… Ohhh’s… and Mmmm’s…”
  5. Being stoned out of your mind and being called in to the principals office for smoking a “cigarette” on school grounds, and then end up drooling all over yourself staring at the plate of shortbread cookies on his desk.
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