Best and worst of 2006 (year in review)

  1. Finding an unexploded New Years Eve rocket in our backyard. (Best)
    Getting my eyebrows scorched after showing my kids how it would have looked if it would have exploded. (Worst)
  2. My favourite strip club gets raided by overzealous law enforcement agencies. (Worst)
    I wasn’t there the night when my ‘heaven on earth’ came crashing down. (Best)
  3. Having a Russian immigrant doctor (with a huge bushy moustache but clearly being straight) perform my vasectomy. (Best)
    Having the clearly straight Russian immigrant doctor’s 136-year-old great grandmother (nurse) fluff my sack (hopefully…) in preparation of the surgery. (Worst)
  4. Having to pay for over-priced propane for the main barbeque of the year. (Worst
    Reading in the papers the next day that someone got feed up and torched the guy dispensing the stuff. (Best)
  5. Having to take the kids for their swimming lessons when I was seriously hung over. (Worst)
    The female lifeguards joined in for the water-gym that one particular day. (Best)
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