Borat movie DVD release extras (rumors)

Release date: When “Borat” has been milked drier than a 3-month-old antelope carcass in the Serengeti desert.

However, you don’t need to wait to get the details… Here’s a preview:

  1. The frat boys didn’t get their moustaches shaved off before they were liquored up at all… The extras show that they were genuinely sexist, moronic and very average students from the University of South Carolina.
  2. Borat is shown revealing the real content of his little “toilet baggie” to the host of the dinner part: it just contains a regular British turd and not a fake Kazak one as implied. Hilarity ensues as Borat comes clean about his true identity, and the baggie gets a honourable place on the fireplace mantle. Chocolate mousse cake follows for dessert and everyone participates in a messy food fight.
  3. The naked-romp-clips from the hotelroom shows that it wasn’t a real fight as depicted. The extras reveal that Borat and his “producer” Azamat were just horsing around… Once they are escorted back to their hotel room, they empty the mini-bar and wash each other’s hairy backs in the shower for most of the night.
  4. Pamela Anderson is shown rehearsing her own kidnapping… She stuffs herself into the Kazak wedding bag and then tries to carry herself off, but fails miserably: over and over again. But it’s revealed that luckily some pot was made available to her before the ‘real’ fake kidnapping scene and it all goes as expected - yet another not-even-close-to-an-Oscar performance by Pamela.
  5. As should be obvious from the movie: Borat of course fails his driving lesson miserably… He never gets his license as he forgets to keep his left-turn signal on for the duration of the trip, as is federal law when driving under the influence. The best bit in this extra is when he hits a squirrel, which he shaves, and the hairs are added to his moustache.
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