Defusing a terrorist bomb the TV way

  1. Pulling the white wire will start a faint buzzing sound, which isn’t very easy to ignore.
  2. Cutting the black wire will make some mechanical mechanism change position – possibly arming the bomb. If something moves: get ready to jam it with a stick from a lollipop, some bubble gum or a metallic candy wrapper.
  3. Snipping the red wire isn’t very easy to do if you are colorblind… If you are suffering from vision problems: the best way to find the red wire is to randomly grab one… Whichever wire you grab will be red: simply cut it! Nothing will happen anyway, unless you also cut the green and orange wire later on.
  4. Clipping the blue will make the LED display start going tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock… Simply ignore…
  5. Extracting the battery will make the LED display count down faster, and can now only be stopped by ripping out a random cluster of wires when the time says, 00:00:01.
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