Differences between George W. Bush and John McCain

  1. George W. Bush: survived choking on a Vodka soaked pretzel 6 years ago.
    John McCain: survived prison after being shot down while terror bombing Hanoi 36 years ago.
  2. George W. Bush: is that mentally challenged uncle that gobbles his Thanksgiving dinner at the kid’s table every year.
    John McCain: is that loopy grandpa that most of us lost (mentally) at age 69.
  3. George W. Bush: can’t pronounce the names of most countries.
    John McCain: often has “senior moments” and doesn’t remember if a country is part of the Rebel Alliance or not.
  4. George W. Bush: does what his daddy and cronies tell him to do, no matter how inane the request.
    John McCain: can’t listen to the advice of wise elders because they are all dead or in nursing homes.
  5. George W. Bush: has a problem finding more oil for his friends.
    John McCain: has a problem with oily discharges.
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