Advice: Ask my girlfriend to switch shampoos?

Dear Beerhaze,

I hate the smell of my girlfriend’s hair. She uses an apple-scented shampoo that literally makes me nauseas!

How do I kindly ask my girlfriend to switch shampoos? I don’t want to insult her… I don’t want to suffer either.

Dear Noose-O-Rama,

I don’t blame you…

“Apples” is a common general scent used for Lysol bathroom spray, wet naps and dish detergents. Hot? Not very…

You really don’t need to ask her to switch shampoos. Next time you are getting a lap-dance from your favourite stripper – ask her what she uses! Then just go out and buy it and give it to your girlfriend as a surprise gift!

I believe you would be stunned if you knew how many girlfriends, fiances and wives smell like strippers, ex-girlfriends and lingerie sales clerks.

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