How to tell edible mushrooms from poisonous mushrooms

  1. Wrapped in a plastic container for $2.99 at your grocery store (edible).
  2. The tiniest nibble off a mushroom growing in your backyard makes your tongue tingle, or your dog foam from every orifice (poisonous).
  3. Mushrooms in odd color combinations: red/white, black/green, brown/yellow, blue/pink (poisonous).
  4. Cream of mushroom soup scraping from the bottom of the pot at Pizza Hut (poisonous).
  5. Fried mushrooms that give you diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting, or worse: bleeding from the eyes, tongue swelling to the size of a 12 oz. Striploin steak, urge to pass water and the need to watch Dancing With The Stars (poisonous).
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