Ideas for Mat Night activities

  1. Sneak up to a house, cut down a tree and chew the wood into pulp and make cardboard. Next, fashion the cardboard to look like gingerbread cookies and cover the whole residence with them. Watch as kids come around in the morning to eat the fake cookies, and the house and its occupants… Fun!
  2. Find a dinosaur and scare the crap out of it. Gather up all the crap and place it in a big brown paper bag. Set the bag on fire and wait for another dinosaur to come around and stomp out the fire… Riveting!
  3. Spelunk around the neighborhood and smash pumpkins and collect all the mush. Mix pumpkin mush with paraffin. Fashion it all into huge nicely scented candles and arrange them into the shape of a landing strip near an airport… Exciting!
  4. Instead of smearing tubs of Vaseline all over people’s windows: clean them instead! Watch as people leave for work in the morning and drive all over the lawns as they can finally stare into their neighbor’s windows… Hysterical!
  5. Covering a house in toilet paper is a classic, but it’s also predictable. As a twist: cover the house with those little messages that come in Chinese fortune cookies. Not only will you have the wonderful effect of paper, but the faux-Chinese words of wisdom will also confuse the hell out of people… Cool!
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