Karma is karma – A few things that are haunting me

  1. Slipping a few cucumbers, pineapple and some shoe polish into the ice cream freezer at the grocery store, because I was too tired to walk back and replace them.
  2. Accidentally picking up the wrong prescription medicine at the pharmacy, and absolutely enjoying the pills: for days… They helped with my knee too!
  3. Switching over half the TV’s (and hiding the remotes) at Champions sports bar from NHL hockey to “Helga Does The West Coast” because they wouldn’t take back some really dry and crappy wings.
  4. A Japanese tourist family asked me to take their group picture in front of the Molson Center, and instead I zoomed in on the ample, and perky bosom of what I assumed was their oldest daughter.
  5. Took a day and placed ads on free boards downtown: “Established Death Metal band looking for someone with long hair” – “Back rubs for $3.00/hr.” – “Learn how to cook with puppies” – “Friendly stripper is looking to help with your lawn care” – “Trading my new plasma TV for a bunch of perfectly ripe bananas.” All with the 1-800 phone number to an obnoxious receptionist at a telemarketing firm.
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