My Babel Fish translation queries

  1. Is it possible to milk a porcupine?
    Is het mogelijke melk een stekelvarken? (Dutch)
    And back to English again: Is possible milk a porcupine?
  2. Why does it hurt being kicked in the nuts?
    Pourquoi blesse-t-il des coups de pied dans les ecrous? (French)
    And back to English again: Why does it wound kicks in the nuts?
  3. Is it gangrene if it’s green and smells?
    Ist es Brand, wenn es grun ist und riecht? (German)
    And back to English again: Is it fire, if it is green and smells?
  4. Where can I find a recipe for stewed dog?
    Donde puedo encontrar una receta para el perro guisado? (Spanish)
    And back to English again: Where I can find a prescription for the stewed dog?
  5. Can I eat lard when my girlfriend is pregnant?
    Posso mangiare il lardo quando il mio girlfriend e incinto? (Italian)
    And back to English again: I can eat the lardo when mine girlfriend it is incinto?
  6. Are urinal cakes poisonous or can they be eaten?
    Sao os bolos do urinal venenosos ou podem ser comidos? (Portuguese)
    And back to English again: They are the poisonous cakes of the urinal or can be eaten?
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