My most memorable restaurant apologies

  1. “I’m sorry; our daytime cook is colorblind…” (About some mysterious blue and red swirls in my Bearnaise sauce.) The Outback Steakhouse around the 401 and 400, Toronto, Canada.
  2. “I’m sorry; it must have come from the kitchen…” (About a cockroach running around on our table.) The hotel restaurant next to Holiday Inn, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  3. “I’m sorry; it’s his first day as a sushi chef…” (About the bleeding homeless looking guy who tried to prepare me a few special order hand rolls.) The normally good Nagano Sushi, Decarie Blvd., Montreal Canada.
  4. “I’m sorry; I have no idea what that is…” (About odd looking stringy meat (which clearly wasn’t rabbit, chicken or cat) in their Paella.) The tourist trap Cueva De La Tea, Canary Islands, Spain.
  5. “I’m sorry; I have now been told that you weren’t supposed to eat that…” (Sbout appetizer looking table decorations.) The now defunct “high end” Thai restaurant on Bishop St., Montreal, Canada.
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