New urban legends or are they?

  1. The main ingredients in TAG body spray are: fermented goat urine, paint thinner and leftover content from other poor quality body sprays. This combination has been scientifically proven to drive feebleminded and homeless women mad with desire.
  2. Police officers are not allowed to give you a speeding ticket if you drive with the hazards on while naked, on a road that is near a hospital or a daycare center. Speeding tickets can’t be issued by law if there seems be some form of emergency involving medical care or children’s care.
  3. All the secrets in the TV series Lost are revealed in the first episode, but you have to view the whole show in reverse and in slow motion. The TV also has to be placed upside down and viewed backwards through a mirror.
  4. People with excessive piercings will over time become immune to the bird flu, the Ebola virus and the bubonic plague, due to the hardening metals used in gold and silver jewelry, which are being absorbed into their bodies. Some individuals with piercings in their eyebrows will also develop x-ray vision and magical powers that enable flight.
  5. Nostradamus has foretold that the nation of extreme wealth and boredom (U.S.A) will in 2008 elect a leader (president) that will start a war on “wangs”. This war will result in the complete and utter destruction of the porn industry in California or the state of California itself (depending if you interpret “wangs” as penises or China).
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