News: Night nurse finds gold – hospital claims ownership and sues for the nuggets

News: Night nurse finds gold - hospital claims ownership and sues for the nuggets

Princess Marina Hospital – Gabarone, Botswana.

Gaborone, Botswana - A night nurse, identified as Dikeledi, at Princess Marina Hospital, in Gaborone, had quite the surprise when examining a late night bedpan; discovering two gold nuggets amongst a patient’s “natural nuggets”. The patient, a 43-year-old English teacher, had been admitted the previous day, complaining about stomach cramps.

The nurse said that she heard something hitting the bottom of the bedpan and upon closer examination found two gold nuggets, each the size of kiwis. The patient died shortly after. An autopsy revealed that he had suffered an aneurism, probably due to the strain of passing the nuggets. No other precious metals where found in the patient’s body.

How the patient ended up with two large gold nuggets in his stomach, and how he was able to pass them, still remains a mystery.

Princess Marina Hospital is claiming ownership of the nuggets as they were passed on hospital grounds.

The nurse said that, technically, feces belong to the person producing them, and as no heirs have come forth, it should be a simple matter of finders, keepers. Lawyers representing the hospital administration do not to agree, and said that the shit is theirs. A lawsuit is forthcoming.

Radio Blue Botswana – September 25, 2011

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