Nicorette gum user reviews

  1. “The user reviews I have seen all complain that they gum only comes in mint and fruit flavors… Now we are in 2007 and surprisingly there still isn’t a stale tobacco flavored one available yet.” – Courtney Love.
  2. “The pieces are too small and I often end up burning my lips when accidentally trying to light one up when drunk down at the pub with my mates.” – Russell Crowe.
  3. “The Nicorette gum only comes in 2-mg. and 4-mg. doses… How come there are no 70-mg. pieces available for those few times when a user craves a Cuban cigar?” – Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  4. “The romance of war is gone with gum! Sitting in a trench and waiting for the enemy to storm your position on a chilly and foggy autumn morning isn’t very romantic at all when chewing gum! I’m sure the enemy is smoking – them bastards!” -¬†Harry, Prince of Wales.
  5. “The Nicorette gum doesn’t do anything after sex… The one piece of gum is often replaced by 4-5 pieces of gum, and a ham sandwich, and leftover Chinese food.” – Lindsay Lohan.
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