Observations about the Virginia Tech shootings

  1. CNN happily and eagerly sold the commercial space between witness and “semi-witness” (anyone who was there, or rather - in a 50 mile radius of the shootings) interviews, just the way they do for super dog competitions and the weather. Murder is business – and all pennies matter when you are whoring out anything you can get your hands on.
  2. Any young persons dying ahead of their time is a tragedy. “32 killed” is just a number… But really, in the history of the world – it doesn’t even register as a minor blimp on the radar of tragic events. Still American news anchors rub their crotches in excitement while they report on this new “high score”. I’m sure they will be even more ecstatic when the “record is broken”.
  3. U.S. government and military sponsored abuse in Abu Grab prison… U.S. soldiers raping and killing children in Iraq… U.S. government keep human beings in dog cages in Guantanamo Bay… How about cutting back a little bit overseas and spend some of the money saved to get your own whack jobs proper treatment in mental institutions?
  4. Homicidal maniacs, mentally challenged individuals and sociopath in Virginia can legally buy one gun per month, and as much ammunition their Visa cards and backs can carry… Yes, it’s still legal because there hasn’t been a mass shooting that has hit three digits yet. Yet!
  5. TV channels pimp the deaths of the people killed… They have no problem showing bloodied and dead bodies, and the anguish and terror of survivors – in between ads for Ford trucks, dream vacations and toothbrushes. Yes, let’s do blame music, video games and goblins for desensitizing people to violence. Goddamnit!
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