O.J. Simpson golf talk

  1. “Golf helps me relax… Never once I have I broken my putter in half and shoved the pieces through my caddy. Yes, I have thought about it like all golfers do once in a while, but I have never done it.” (1999)
  2. “People just don’t care! I’m so close to catching the real killer now… A bit more golfing and I’m sure I’ll catch myself… eh… with my hands around his goddamn neck…” (2002)
  3. “I won’t stop golfing and I won’t give up! One of these days the real killer will show up on the 18th hole and I get to hit him with my 5-iron.” (2001)
  4. “Catching the real killer would bring me more joy than golfing with Tiger Woods - except perhaps if I got to beat him - in golf I mean…” (2004)
  5. “I don’t get it… Why do people always take a step back when I slip on my golf gloves on the course?” (1997)
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