Pick-up lines often used by serial killers

  1. “You are a very intelligent young lady and I would love to see you again. Perhaps I could pick your brain over a nice bottle of wine?”
  2. “Please, Missus… Could you please help me look for my dog? It’s a white poodle that answer’s to the names “Adolf’ and ‘Please God… Oh no… God… Nooo!’”
  3. “Coffee, brandy and sex at your place? Hmmm… How about tea, biscuits and checking out my dad’s funeral home?”
  4. “Mmm… Your scent is bedazzling and an unbelievable turn on. From what I gather, it’s how Marilyn Monroe smelled in 1971.”
  5. “Izzza pleazure to ‘meat’ you… I’m ‘BoschRS20ReciprocatingSaw’ from Lavalife.com.”
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