Questions that need to be answered in season 3 of Lost

  1. How many twigs would Kate get in her butt if going at it like rabbits with Sawyer?
  2. Why doesn’t Mr. Eko’s booming voice echo more than average?
  3. Will Jin quit being a whining little bitch when he finally gets laid really well?
  4. What force on the island repairs Locke’s well-trekked boots?
  5. How come Jack doesn’t say things like, “hmm…”, “duh…” and “dunno…” when playing doctor?
  6. Why hasn’t the island healed Charlie into a hobbit yet?
  7. What kind of hair products does Sayid use to prevent his hair from turning in to a shag rug?
  8. How come Claire hasn’t yet gotten drunk and thrown up on her shoes like a real Australian?
  9. Will the ever-busy Sun give birth to something useful like: a heard of cows, pipe tobacco or some tents?
  10. Why doesn’t the island provide some toilet paper for Sawyer as he is in such a grumpy mood all the time?
  11. How bad do Hurley’s armpits really smell?
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