Random and not all brilliant thoughts that I have had today

  1. “It’s always more rewarding to find out who you really are than to find something of material value, except if you happen to find a fully loaded 80GB iPod.”
  2. “Being a giving and generous person will never hurt you, unless your generosity involves your liver, Chianti and Fava beans.”
  3. “Beauty in itself isn’t always beautiful… Sometimes beauty is the memory of something that once was beautiful – like a half-eaten 38-ounce slab of medium-rare prime rib.”
  4. “No matter how much noise you make and how important of a person you think you are – to that one sharp-toothed someone or something out there, you are simply food.”
  5. “It’s always better to wake up thinking for yourself than have someone else do the thinking for you. The same thing applies to chewing your own food and pulling your own nose hairs.”
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