Reasons why a woman could not handle polygamy involving just two husbands

  1. Work – Twice the amount of sweat pants, socks, and old stained t-shirts for her to pick up and wash.
  2. Money – Two sets each of: power tools, playboy subscriptions, Laz-E-boy recliners, TV remote controls, BBQs, cigar smoking poker nights, ex-girlfriends and mistresses, cars, and the list just goes on.
  3. Anguish – Two extremely agitated men in the house when she has her period or one of those untimely headaches.
  4. Time – Twice the amount of “we need to talk” sessions about all the things she would like to have changed or done – but doesn’t happen anyway.
  5. Chemicals – Twice the amount of Lysol in the bathroom, bedroom and den.
  6. Nitrates - Twice the amount of beef jerky, salami and salted hams for her to carry home from the grocery store.
  7. Family – Two sets of mother in laws…
  8. Hard labour – Twice the amount of old gym bags for her to sterilize or bury in the backyard.
  9. Irritants – Twice the amount of nagging, pleading, crying, bitching, moaning and groaning about things the husbands consider to be “insignificant shit” anyway.
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