Sarah Palin’s greatest accomplishments

Here’s a list of vice president hopeful Sarah Palin’s greatest accomplishments, in a loose timeline…

  1. She finished second in the 1994 Miss Alaska beauty pageant.
  2. She has shot and skinned her own moose, caribou, wolf and…
  3. She convinced herself that the unborn have rights (but void if born homosexual).
  4. She has as a governor hoodwinked the people of Alaska for 2 years.
  5. She saw Russia from her back porch.
  6. She became a Maverick and no longer needs to read books or newspapers.
  7. She had her disgraceful junkie son, Track Palin, sent to Iraq.
  8. She got her pregnant teenager’s ex-boyfriend sober and in a suit.
  9. She acquired a $150,000 GOP hockey mom clothing and make-up shopping spree.
  10. She travels with her mentor, an unlicensed redneck plumber named Joe.
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