Seven extreme right-wing Christian realizations about the Teletubbies

  1. Tinky Winky is not only gay… He is also a crossdresser who loves handbags.
  2. Dipsy is Tinky Winky’s black and well-hung lover who loves to pimp himself out with hats and other funky accessories.
  3. La La is that one chick that loves to hang out with non-threatening gay guys because she it too afraid of physical intimacy.
  4. Po is a transgender alien being who knows it is too cute to be ignored, and uses it to manipulate people and other Tubbies.
  5. Then there is Noo-noo the slave… Who something performs sexual favors on command for any Teletubby.
  6. Tubby toast is simply the LSD that fuels all the sick and perverted activites of Teletubbyland.
  7. Tubby custard is what BBC thinks of Christ and religion in general.
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