The number 23 movie with Jim Carrey

Other equally fascinating facts regarding the number 23 as used “to death…” in Jim Carrey’s latest movie.

  1. 23 people on average harass Jim Carrey with horrible “Jim Carrey” impersonations every day.
  2. 23 people falling asleep or purposely hurting themselves is considered ‘very good’ for a Jim Carrey movie screening.
  3. 23 acres of Earth’s ozone layer was depleted to keep Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura characters’ hairdo up to snuff during filming.
  4. 23 inches is what you would need to have in your briefs to make your as appealing to women as Jim Carrey’s charm – and his millions.
  5. 23 Elvis Presley movies equal the pain and suffering caused by Jim Carrey’s “Cable Guy” to people outside Memphis, Tennessee.
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