Things said by Michael Jackson’s chimpanzee Bubbles when excommunicated from the Neverland Ranch

  1. “Of course I bit him! I freaked out… There I was sleeping, and next thing I know, there’s this skinny zombie naked in bed with me.”
  2. “Yes, I might have thrown around some feces in the living room. But I mean, if he’s allowed to do it, why shouldn’t I? I’m the monkey for godssake!”
  3. “Veterinarians were saying that I was going crazy and drugged me… There I was, alone, innocent and stoned out of my mind, with what I at the time thought was a gremlin, sharing my bed. Of course I was a bit confused…”
  4. “I’m a chimpanzee… When I need to pee – I pee! Being told to hold it in until you make it to the bathroom to give Michael another golden shower, is just stupid.”
  5. “I bit him! I’m proud to say it: I bit that fruit, as that’s what monkeys do!”
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