Things that look like pipe tobacco when you get desperate for a puff

  1. Shavings from an electrical pen sharpener (Smokes and burns a lot, but tastes like the shavings from an electrical pen sharpener).
  2. Leftover fine grindings of fresh ginger that has sat in the sink for a couple of days (Doesn’t really light or smoke at all unless dried first. However, it’s most often a waste of time in my humble opinion).
  3. Crap you can scrape off the bottom of your lawnmower when you let it sit for a week (Lights like rocket fuel, but tastes like wet donkey hair shavings).
  4. Wet donkey hair shavings (Can be smoked if dried for a bit but it makes you want to have intimate relation with quadrupeds).
  5. Stuff in the bottom of your vacuum cleaner bag (The taste varies depending on which floor you started vacuuming on, and if you have pets or hippie friends).
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