Tips on setting up an aquarium for kids

Here are some great (for you family’s mental well-being) and money-saving tips that I have picked up during the last few weeks when it comes to setting up an aquarium for kids.

  1. During the first weeks: only allow your kids to call the fishes “A”, “B” and “C”… This will make it less painful than flushing down “Adam”, “Beatrice” and “Cat” in the toilet.
  2. Listen to the aquarium people when they tell your which fish work well together: nothing more traumatic for the kids than seeing “Adam” eating one of “Cat’s” eyes, and “Beatrice” swimming in circles with most of her fins missing.
  3. Buy one of them ugly (indestructible) fish that only stay at the bottom of the tank and eat all the food and crap that your kid’s drop into the aquarium. That ugly one will help keep food from rotting and helps control and prevent diseases.
  4. Unless you are extremely wealthy: only buy fish that you can easily and secretly replace when dead. Your family needs to eat too… Replacing a tank of Rainbow Angels every week will seriously affect how much, and what your family will be eating, until you get fed up with the aquarium and buy a puppy instead.
  5. Never let your kids pick out the exact one fish at the store as they will without fault, pick out the one that swims in quick circles “making tricks”… Or as the aquarium people call it: “slowly dying from an unknown disease”.
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