Top 20 Indie Rock bands (and albums) of 2006 as voted by the S.H.A.G.

  1. Tainted Velcro (Can’t Drink This Screwdriver).
  2. The Smell of Elmer’s Glue (Funny The Way You Fly).
  3. Bob’s Nob (Don’t Worry Baby You Didn’t Kill It).
  4. Bending Paperclips (It Only Smells Like Sushi).
  5. Carpet Bombing Nashville (Not That Kind Of Picking).
  6. Vodka & Pretzels (Cocks Don’t Make Food).
  7. Never Been To Burma (Rashes Aren’t Tattoos).
  8. Ignorant Lepers (My Lovers Taylor And Martin).
  9. Dieting Cop Eaters (Just Add A Vinaigrette).
  10. Viola Ebola (Hugs For The World).
  11. Prick On My Finger (Leaches And Coca Cola).
  12. Grandma’s Whiskers (Scratch Before You Sniff).
  13. Million Pin Bowling (Levitation Is Tricky Stuff).
  14. His Retarded Brothers (Scientology Was Not For Us).
  15. Peach Schnapps Trio (Get Ready To Bumble).
  16. The Leaking Canoes (Chili Made It A Hell Hole).
  17. Cart Wheeling San Francisco (Hell Is Uphill).
  18. Soccer Moms (Bend It Sideways Beckham).
  19. Rasta Pasta (Adding The Herbs Now).
  20. The Crockpot Recipes (Nice And Juicy).
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