Very forgettable things from yesterday

  1. I opened a bottle of beer with my left hand. Next I cleaned up the opening using the index finger on my right hand. I first thought about using my left ring finger, but that one had a smudge of something I didn’t recognize.
  2. My Betta Splendens swam into the net while I was cleaning up dead leaves in the fish tank. I gently fluffed the net so he could swim out again because I’m completely against assisted suicide.
  3. I found a receipt for a 900-gram box of hot chicken wings which I didn’t remember buying. I looked in the freezer and there it was! About 30 minutes later I figure I ate about 750 grams of them.
  4. The downstairs fridge was making this distracting humming noise, so I walked over to it and whacked it and the noise stopped. Then I spent an hour waiting for the humming to start again, but it didn’t.
  5. There was a dust bunny in the far corner in the kitchen. I discovered that he or she had three friends as I walked up to it, which both surprised and disappointed me as my wife had just vacuumed.
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