Why I would make for a lousy cross-dresser

  1. Thongs – I couldn’t deal with thongs… Especially if I would have to wear a mini-skirts… Can’t stand the thought of sitting down on anything public.
  2. Cost – I think it would cost me $50 – $60 bucks a week in razors and shaving cream, just to keep my legs shaven.
  3. Heels – To be a respectable cross-dresser you have to be able to walk lady-like in heels. As I can’t keep upright even when walking in slippers, I would look like complete moron, especially after a bottle of Talisker.
  4. Earrings – There’s no way I will ever voluntarily pierce any part of my body, and having bought many pairs or earring for my wife: clip-ons look like crap!
  5. Eddie Murphy – Couldn’t stand getting drunk in a bar and being picked up by this dude and becoming a blurb in every newspaper on the planet.
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