Worst things about getting really drunk in Quebec

  1. You get really drunk and you don’t remember if you live in Saint-Eustache, Saint-Laurent, Saint-Lambert, Saint-Pierre, Saint-Catherine, Saint-Michel, Saint-Lazare, Saint-Jerome, Saint-Prime, Saint-Hubert, Saint-Georges, Saint-Joseph-de-Sorel, or Saint-Paul.
  2. You get really drunk and end up in an after-hours strip-club at 4am, and you become the main attraction together with an ugly lady named Jean-Paul.
  3. You get really drunk and you want to drive home, but someone has stolen the car that you stole earlier in the evening.
  4. You get really drunk and end up eating in a Tibetan fast-food joint that hopefully served what you prayed was souvlaki in pita.
  5. You get really drunk with your boss, and he still orders you back to finish your afternoon shift – driving the school bus.
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